Our History
Hotel Canada Roma

The Pucci family, the owners of the Hotel Canada in Rome, has always worked in the world of tourism and hospitality.

After fighting in World War II, taking part in the Russian campaign, Aristodemo Pucci, father of the founder of the Hotel Canada, began working in the hospitality industry at a big hotel in Rome. His son Gioacchino initially took over his job, and after a few years, with his irrepressible spirit of youth, he decided to move on and expand his knowledge in the sector, working in some of the capital’s most famous hotels.

He then decided to try his luck abroad, moving to the island of Jersey in the English Channel. However, he had even bigger dreams, and moved on to pursue the "American Dream."

Gioacchino Pucci began his life in America, travelling around the country until, a few years later, he settled permanently in Montreal, Canada, and opened an Italian bistro called Etoile de Capri.

After 10 years of living in Canada, he was overcome by nostalgia for the eternal city. Gioacchino returned to Italy with his wife Malvina. On 17 June 1962, they bought a small boarding house in Via Vicenza, on the fifth floor of number 58, naming it CANADA in honour of the nation that had been so hospitable to them.

For Gioacchino and Malvina, the past 50 years have been filled with both sacrifices and great satisfaction. Over the years, they bought various apartments in the building and their small boarding house gradually became the Hotel that it is today. They bought the last apartment on 8 May 2007, finally completing the Hotel Canada, which in 1985 became part of the international hotel chain Best Western.

In January 2017, the Hotel Canada was selected to become part of the exclusive Best Western "Premier Collection" brand. The hotels that are part of this brand are characterised by their unique personalities and ability to offer an exceptional travel experience. These hotels do not have to comply with international hotel chain standards, thereby allowing them to fully customise their services.

The founders of the Hotel Canada, Gioacchino and Malvina, still visit the hotel now and then to greet their guests with a smile. Besides dedicating their entire life to the Hotel Canada, they also have two sons, Roberto and Maurizio, who are now the third generation of hoteliers in the family.

Over the years we have undergone major changes, but our intention always remains the same: to offer a service that makes you feel "at home", but above all that makes you feel like our guest and not a customer.

Over 55 years in the hospitality industry and three generations of hoteliers ... quality guaranteed!

The historic building that houses the Hotel Canada, in Rome’s eighteenth district, is an integral part of the city centre.