Hotel Canada Roma

A leap into the past

At the Hotel Canada in Rome you will have the opportunity to admire our rare antiques, acquired over the years in various parts of Italy. Each piece was carefully chosen to make our hotel unique and extraordinary, and to offer a one of a kind travel experience surrounded by both the past and present. Mirrors, console tables, oil paintings on canvas, cabinets and desks embellish our communal areas and rooms, making every nook and cranny of our hotel special and inviting.

Our “painted skies”

The Hotel Canada in Rome is situated in an historic building that was once used as accommodation for officers from the nearby Castro Pretorio barracks. The prestigious purpose of the building meant that it was designed and built with great care.
During the restoration of the original features, extraordinary frescoes were found on the ceilings of some of the rooms and common areas, and these have now been carefully restored.
Today these incredible frescoes adorn the ceilings of our rooms, creating an unparalleled atmosphere.

A corner filled with the wonderful smell of books

There is a captivating multilingual library nestled in one of the corners of the Hotel Canada, boasting a selection of fiction and history books, as well as guides to Rome and other Italian cities. This small library, much loved by our regular guests, offers you the possibility to leave the book you have just finished and take a new one of your choice, left in turn by a previous guest.